Stemming from Bieber Lighting Corp., a 3 generation family owned and operated commercial outdoor lighting company, founded in Inglewood, CA. In 1929, the Bieber’s were pioneers in the early commercial lighting industry. Bieber Illumination Group is taking our business to the next level by utilizing our tried and true manufacturing techniques and experience, and by doing so, we are able to provide just about any outdoor lighting product designs your customers, architects and engineers require or can invision, and at a competitive price. We specialize in commercial, architectural, decorative, historical, sports, custom and proprietary, utility, industrial, hospitality lighting, pole manufacturing, sand castings of every design, shape and size, as well as LED retrofit kits. Our know how and low overhead allows us to do “VE” work as well as simply provide an excellent value while providing high quality products with prompt and responsive service.

Benefits and advantages:  

  • specification grade quality
  • competitive pricing
  • knowledge
  • flexibility
  • willingness
  • eagerness
  • custom capabilities
  • prompt customer service
  • 88 years of experience
  • made in the USA